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Octopus Energy | Screenshot

Octopus Energy

Django-powered energy retail site the subject of a DjangoCon Europe keynote

by Daniel Feldroy

1st things 1st | Screenshot

1st things 1st

The first of a kind strategic prioritizer, "1st things 1st", helps you make up your mind. Start for free.

by Aidas Bendoraitis

Buttondown | Screenshot


Buttondown is a small, elegant tool for producing newsletters.

by Justin Duke

Truework | Screenshot


Verify income and employment for any applicant, all on one platform. Data returned instantly for 35 million U.S. employees (and growing).

Cronitor | Screenshot


Continuous monitoring for the jobs, pipelines, daemons and APIs that power your business.

by August Flanagan

School Desk | Screenshot

School Desk

Set your students on the right path without being buried in scheduling.

by Matt Layman

Mailbrew | Screenshot


Your personal daily newsletter

by Francesco Di Lorenzo

_MediaCMS | Screenshot


Modern, fully featured open source video and media CMS

by Markos Gogoulos | Screenshot

Teaching practical programming through real-world applications.

by Michael Herman

Talent Hackers | Screenshot

Talent Hackers

(Currently) Spanish job board with rewards for people who bring talent.

BlenderKit | Screenshot


Online database of Blender assets either free or under one subscribtion easily accessible through add-on.

Robinhood | Screenshot


Commission-free investing, plus the tools you need to put your money in motion. Sign up and get your first stock for free. Certain limitations apply.

by Vlad Tenev

EmbedSafe | Screenshot


Share embedded content with your team - securely and easily.

by Filip Němeček

Sentry | Screenshot


Sentry's application monitoring platform helps every developer diagnose, fix, and optimize the performance of their code.

by David Cramer

Mentorcruise | Screenshot


Work with leading tech mentors and gain access to personalized guidance to reach your potential. Ongoing sessions and expert advice, on your terms, all for a flat monthly price.

by Dominic Monn

Todoist | Screenshot


A task manager you can trust for life.

by Amir Salihefendić

Panelbear | Screenshot


Simple. Fast. Private. Powerful, privacy-friendly analytics to grow your website.

by Anthony Simon

Readwise | Screenshot


Readwise makes it easy to revisit and learn from your ebook & article highlights.

by Tristan Homsi

Kollood | Screenshot


Build in public together. Collaborate with other founders in simple, actionable and fun ways.

by Matthew Freire

JustDjango | Screenshot


Become a Professional Django Developer

by Matthew Freire

Litt | Screenshot


Platform for meeting new people at events.

by Harry Moreno

MiJobs | Screenshot


The very best mining, energy and resource jobs worldwide.

Disqors | Screenshot


Discourse about politics and society, organized into discussion threads.

by Robert Singer

SocialTracker | Screenshot


Track Social Media performance of Influencers and Brands

by Ignace Maes

Baserow | Screenshot


Open source online database tool.

by Bram

WebGazer | Screenshot


Uptime monitoring and analytics platform

by Gokhan Sari

Remote Leaf | Screenshot

Remote Leaf

Get hand-picked remote jobs straight to your inbox.

by Abinaya

PuzzlehuntCMU | Screenshot


A project to host puzzlehunts and manage all of the related stuff like registration, puzzle unlocking, answer submissions, and team communication.

by Dillon Lareau

Seeking Visa | Screenshot

Seeking Visa

Get instant alerts, see charts and historical data to track USCIS Visa Bulletin changes. | Screenshot

Join thousands of developers and IT experts, get must-read articles, chat with like-minded people, get job offers and more

by Aymen Amri

CashFlowCareers | Screenshot


Aggregator of investment banking and private equity jobs.

by Taylor Dye

FWD:Everyone | Screenshot


Read, share, search & discover the most useful email discussions happening within your business.

by Alex Krupp

PrettyFWD | Screenshot


PrettyFWD makes forwarded emails easy to read and share.

by Alex Krupp

Seeker | Screenshot


The easiest way to host your own job board for your site or community!

by Iheanyi Ekechukwu

Presbot | Screenshot


No-Code No-Workflow Personal Chatbot Platform, Free!

by Satya Mohapatra

Task-a-Thon | Screenshot


Micro Fundraising Platform for Schools.

by Satya Mohapatra

Work in Craft Beer | Screenshot

Work in Craft Beer

Teaming up with craft breweries and tap rooms around the world to find motivated job candidates!

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