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SaaS Pegasus | Screenshot

SaaS Pegasus

A Django-powered SaaS Template

Place Card Me | Screenshot

Place Card Me

The best way to make place cards online.

Unicorn Platform | Screenshot

Unicorn Platform

Landing page builder for startups.

Crossword Puzzle Maker | Screenshot

Crossword Puzzle Maker

Make a crossword puzzle and print, share or solve online.

Faun.dev | Screenshot


Join thousands of developers and IT experts, get must-read articles, chat with like-minded people, get job offers and more

CashFlowCareers | Screenshot


Aggregator of investment banking and private equity jobs.

FWD:Everyone | Screenshot


Read, share, search & discover the most useful email discussions happening within your business.

PrettyFWD | Screenshot


PrettyFWD makes forwarded emails easy to read and share.

Seeker | Screenshot


The easiest way to host your own job board for your site or community!

Presbot | Screenshot


No-Code No-Workflow Personal Chatbot Platform, Free!

Task-a-Thon | Screenshot


Micro Fundraising Platform for Schools.

Work in Craft Beer | Screenshot

Work in Craft Beer

Teaming up with craft breweries and tap rooms around the world to find motivated job candidates!

Armory Gaming Gear | Screenshot

Armory Gaming Gear

Explore awesome gaming setups and share your own.

Rasul Kireev | Personal Website | Screenshot

Rasul Kireev | Personal Website

This is my personal website and space. Here I host my own blog and other things.

Kushim | Screenshot


This is my open source solution to life management (journaling, relationships).

Rasul Kireev

by Rasul