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Recordwise | Screenshot


Helping founders incorporate in Switzerland


by Matthias Gisler

Clubhouse | Screenshot


The Social Audio App. Bounce around the hallways of the Internet and meet incredible people

Widelands | Screenshot


Widelands is a free, open source real-time strategy game with singleplayer campaigns and a multiplayer mode. The game was inspired by Settlers II™


by Holger Rapp

Octopus Energy | Screenshot

Octopus Energy

Django-powered energy retail site the subject of a DjangoCon Europe keynote


by Daniel Feldroy

1st things 1st | Screenshot

1st things 1st

The first of a kind strategic prioritizer, "1st things 1st", helps you make up your mind. Start for free.


by Aidas Bendoraitis

Buttondown | Screenshot


Buttondown is a small, elegant tool for producing newsletters.


by Justin Duke

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#3: Taylor Dye on building a Job Board with Django | Screenshot

#3: Taylor Dye on building a Job Board with Django

In this episode, Taylor Dye tells us about his Django learning journey. Taylor work in a finance industry and is learning Python and Django to get an upper hand. He decide to code up a Job Board that will aggregate finance jobs from multiple websites. Taylor will share the best resources he found while learning Django and some advice to people starting out there. Enjoy!

#2: Alex Krupp on learning and building with Django | Screenshot

#2: Alex Krupp on learning and building with Django

In this episode, Alex Krupp takes on his learning journey. Alex is a business major, but despite that ended up building and coding and awesome app, all by himself. Hopefully, you will get inspired and will learn something useful by listening to Alex's story.