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#1: Alex Isora on building an MVP with 0 prior knowledge


In this episode I interview Alexander Isora, a founder of the Unicorn Platform. He tells us how he got started with Django, and what he used it for.

Show Notes

Welcome to the Built with Django podcast. Today I'm interviewing Alexander Isora. Alex is the founder of Unicorn Platform, a landing page builder for startups. In this episode, we talk about his journey as a solo founder. He tells us about his experience learning and using Django for his project. Alex also shares his favorite resources when learning Django. We also talked a bit about his process for launching the Unicorn Platform as well as attracting retaining new users. I hope you enjoy this conversation with Alex.

If you would like to support the project, you can do this via my Github Sponsors page.

This episode is sponsored by... Just kidding, this is the first episode and no one sponsors this show, and I don't think anyone will any time soon :D. However, I would love to mention another project of mine I'm working on.

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