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Full Stack Developer @ TerraPower

Location: Seattle, WA, Remote (US)

Job Posted: 2 years, 6 months ago

We’re currently hiring an experienced and strong Full Stack Developer to maintain and expand our novel nuclear design information system. The role is basically to become the primary developer of the system, with plenty of good support and direction from the rest of the small team. Users are nuclear plant design engineers and manager. We particularly need someone who's really strong in Python and Django, and can also cobble together a workable UI and respond to the (sometimes strange) feature requests of the engineering team. You will need to be able to access export-controlled nuclear data. Our stack: - Frontend: Quasar 2/Vue.js 3, Vuex, Axios - Backend: Django, Celery, PostgreSQL, RHEL w/ SELinux & FIPS TerraPower is a nuclear technology innovation company focused on two advanced reactor projects (a sodium-cooled fast reactor and a molten chloride fast reactor) to fight climate change, and on building a new supply of radiation therapy nuclides to help fight cancer. Driven by the sodium-cooled project, a very small team (1-2 people + others for helping with requirements, and QA) within TerraPower are building a web application designed to revolutionize the efficiency and ease of performing configuration management, design control, and regulatory compliance of the nuclear plant itself. These activities are (believe it or not) a large part of cost increases at nuclear plants, and so improving on the defacto standard is of high interest. Effectively we need you to help us make it easier to fight climate change with our low-carbon power plants. The system is inspired by the details you can read in IAEA-TECDOC-1651 (pdf: If this interests you and you are up for a challenge, hit us up! If you have specific questions, ask here or feel free to reach out directly to ntouran (at) terrapower [.dot.] com