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Defy Trends

Backend Engineer @ Defy Trends

Location: Remote, Miami, Munich, Germany

Job Posted: 2 years, 3 months ago

Defy Trends is a Miami-based and fast-growing startup in the crypto space. You can think of our platform as a simplified ‘Bloomberg terminal’ for crypto. We are a toolkit that aggregates millions of data points into digestible, bite-size indicators that allow you to get a holistic view of the market, all in one place. We do B2C and B2B. Our team is distributed throughout the world and is mainly operating remotely. We're currently getting our headquarter running in Miami, with offices in the Bay Area and Munich, Germany. Many people prefer remote work and excel at it, therefore we intend to keep remote-first teams. Since we only recently transitioned from our prototype/beta phase, we are still building out the system. Therefore, you can actively shape how our core system and tech stack looks, works and grows. Time to build! Just some tech buzzwords so people can find themselves somewhere in there. This is by far not an exhaustive list and should give a glimpse in what tech we use/might use and what other experience seems fitting. Positions are primarily targeted at people at least Senior. In summary: We are actually looking for people who either own their respective domain (e.g. Ops guy who has written k8s himself in bash) or can perform mostly across the entire stack (give me rails/django and I can get a SAAS up and running in no time). The point is, we want people who really love being great in whatever they enjoy doing. Who don't hesitate to take responsibility and make decisions (chances are that you do know YOUR tech better than anyone else in a small team; go for it). You found yourself somewhere in there? Then drop me a mail at sebastian at defytrends dot tech