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Senior Frontend Engineer @ Mathesar

Job Posted: 2 years, 2 months ago

Mathesar is an open source tool that provides an intuitive interface to databases. Our goal is to make it easy for non-technical users to create, organize, and analyze data collaboratively, without any prior knowledge of database concepts. We started prototyping the project in March 2021 and are working towards our first (alpha) release in mid-2022. Our frontend stack is Svelte & TypeScript, our backend stack is PostgreSQL, Django, and SQLAlchemy. You'll join our small, globally distributed team as our third frontend engineer. You'll be working at the Center of Complex Interventions (CCI), a U.S. nonprofit. We work asynchronously and value work/life balance. Our work is public: * Look through our code: * Read our project and team wiki: * Join our communication channels: For the full job description and application instructions, see