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Software Development in Test | Sr. QA Automation Engineer @ Nuna

Location: San Francisco, Remote

Job Posted: 2 years ago

Nuna is tackling one of the most hardest problems in healthcare underlying the negative outcomes and disparities we see: how healthcare gets paid. Today, hospitals only get paid when they do more-- more visits, more tests, more meds, more surgeries. Hopefully this helps patients get better, but regardless, the system gets paid. In fact, doing more is the only way to stay afloat. But -- is this really the right set of incentives? Shouldn’t everyone get rewarded not just by doing more, but by when patients actually get better? Shouldn’t everyone have access to affordable, high quality care, and shouldn’t hospitals be rewarded when they deliver this care? And shouldn’t insurance companies get rewarded when they help ALL their patients get better? Absolutely, yes. This concept is called Value-Based Care. In fact, healthcare as a whole has been trying to move in this direction for years, but making it all reality is deeply complex -- it is after all our healthcare. Nuna’s technology platform, our software apps, our vision, and our exceptionally talented team are collectively accelerating the healthcare system’s ability to make value-based care available to everyone. In 2022, Nuna will power over $70Bn of healthcare payments for over 6.5mn patients. We also leverage our data science and platform to direct patients to the best, culturally-matched, and accessible care providers for them. And third, we make it transparent and easy for both hospitals and insurers to see how they are performing in value-based care by spotlighting the patients or areas where they need to pay extra attention so that they can provide good care to all their patients and get rewarded. Nuna is unique - we have brought together an exceptional team of over 200 people. We are the industry’s best in healthcare data, analytics, engineering, clinicians, and value based healthcare experts. We have joined forces to create a more equitable health system for everyone. Our dreams and ambitions to change healthcare as we know it are big. If yours are too, we want to work with you. Backend Tech Stack: AWS, Clickhouse, Java, Spark, Scala, Python, Go