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Software Engineers @ Truework

Location: San Francisco, CA

Job Posted: 1 year, 10 months ago

Truework is hiring software engineers -- especially frontend software engineers -- to help overhaul employment and income verification and build a trusted identity layer for internet commerce. A full list of roles can be found here: Truework is building a platform to make it easy for lenders and fintech companies to leverage verified income and employment information in their products and offers. Our platform enables faster closing of loans and other transactions, increases access to financial products (that are often limited to W-2 employees with good credit), and gives employees visibility and control into how their employment information is shared with others. We are growing quickly. We currently handle tens of thousands of verifications every month for top US mortgage lenders and are expanding into other fintech and lending verticals as we speak. That said, our team is still small, which means you’ll play big a part in shaping the future of Truework, and your work will have a significant impact and visibility. We also have a strong financial foundation. Truework has resisted raising capital at extreme revenue multiples and we have several years of runway in the bank. We are well positioned to weather and potentially even take advantage of current macroeconomic situation. I'd be happy to tell you more about this all if we end up having a conversation. Finally, in case you're curious, we are a Django and React (Typescript) shop, and run our infrastructure on AWS. I (Steve) am Truework's head of engineering. If you’re interested or want to know more about working at Truework, send me a note at (my HN username)