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Full-stack engineer @ Jaunt Labs

Job Posted: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Jaunt Labs is in the process of disrupting the professional content sharing landscape, focusing on documents, presentations, and more. Currently in our alpha launch phase, our momentum is building rapidly. Plus, our founders come with a track record, having successfully built and sold a startup in a similar domain. We aspire to become the platform which democratises knowledge and discussions around it. We're actively seeking full-stack engineers to join our distributed team. With Django at our core, we're building scalable apps that can handle the demands of our network. On the frontend, it's all about ES6, no frameworks required. Here's the structure: while autonomy is key, we touch base a few times weekly, typically around 9AM PST. You'll need at least an hour or two of overlap during these meetings. Why consider us? Beyond the exciting work we're doing, you'll be part of a cohesive team, tackling challenges collaboratively and driving real change. Interested in being part of our journey? Drop us a line about why you would like to join us at troy [at] or reach out directly to our founder at jon [at] Let's build something remarkable together.