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Senior Software Engineer @ BillionToOne

Location: Menlo Park, CA

Job Posted: 1 month, 2 weeks ago

BillionToOne (YC S17) is ranked at the top 5% of Y Combinator companies with $300M+ in funding from top VC firms. We have developed a DNA molecular counter that increases cfDNA diagnostic resolution by over 1,000x. Our first product, Unity, is the first and only non-invasive prenatal test that can directly screen an unborn baby and assess its risk for: common and severe recessive gene disorders; chromosomal abnormalities; fetal sex; and fetal antigens from a single tube of blood from the pregnant mother. This greatly improves the quality of care and is on its path to becoming the next standard-of-care. Our software stack includes Python/Django, React/Typescript, Terraform, AWS, and many other standard tools. We're a small, but nimble software team that prioritizes rapid iteration and continuous feedback to evolve our product. As a biotech company, we inherently need to always work cross functionally. If you enjoy this style of work, please reach out! We're hiring software engineers, a director of bioinformatics, and many other roles.