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Loft Orbital

Flight Software Engineers @ Loft Orbital

Location: San Francisco, Denver, Toulouse, Remote

Job Posted: 1 year, 7 months ago

Loft Orbital deploys space infrastructure as a service, providing rapid, reliable, and simplified access to space. We have two satellites currently in orbit, with many more slated to launch in the next couple of years. With satellite buses in inventory and quarterly launches booked, we deliver customer missions to space in months, not years. We shield our customers from the complexity of a space mission by handling the mission as a service. Come help develop satellite ground software (mission control software! exciting!), satellite flight software, or payload software! Build the space and ground segments of what is truly an industry-first space-infrastructure-as-a-service offering. We love: Python, GraphQL, Kubernetes, gRPC, Django, Cue, C++, Rust, Linux, device driver writers, firmware authors, ARM / RISC-V / PowerPC / LEON folks, kernel contributors, & people who want to simplify the complex problem that is space infrastructure. Prior space experience helpful but not necessary! We have: other open roles if you've got something else in mind--Electrical Test Engineer, Senior Mechanical Engineer, Satellite Program Manager, Senior Systems Engineer, and more!