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Senior Software Engineer @ TerraPower

Job Posted: 1 year, 6 months ago

We are looking for people who want to apply their software skills to more effectively decarbonizing the planet with advanced nuclear fission plants. TerraPower is designing and deploying next-generation nuclear fission reactors. We have sodium metal-cooled and molten salt-fueled fast-neutron reactors in the works. As you can imagine, nuclear construction megaprojects have a lot of information and inefficiency. So we're working on an internal application to help facilitate the process of nuclear power plant design and construction (and later, operation). It handles configuration management of the plant, requirements management, electronic procedures, etc. and integrates with lots of other systems, like 3D models, scientific simulation tools, document management systems, learning management, etc. It is a Django application with DRF and a Vue3/Quasar SPA front-end. We are looking for a strong web developer who's interested in taking a leading role. It will involve working with the 'customers' (our internal user team) and translating their needs into requirements and then implementing them. We have two reasonable backend people already but really need help on the frontend side, so we prefer people with super-strong frontend capabilities at this time. We have strict quality assurance requirements, and so there's a fair amount of testing and process involved. This project is mostly focused on our sodium-metal reactor project, but it is generally applicable to others.