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Senior Product Engineer @ elvex

Salary: $150,000 - $210,000

Job Posted: 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Mike here, the CTO at elvex. elvex is making generative AI accessible, useful and secure for enterprise teams. We’re helping non-technical users join what we truly believe is a revolution in computing. In the future elvex will power >50% of all AI apps inside a company. Prior to elvex, our founding team (4 people currently) launched, scaled and sold to Automattic in their largest ever acquisition by cost and revenue (Automattic makes and maintains WordPress). We’re looking to hire our next Senior Product Engineer. Senior Product Engineers are full-stack at elvex and are given a lot of autonomy to solve both customer and engineering-oriented problems directly. If you join us, you’ll be employee number 5 overall and will have big impact on the trajectory of the company, culture and product. We are working with a host of very large B2B customers and solving real problems for them with our platform and looking to commercialize later in 2024. You should be an expert in web app development with deep familiarity with one or more of: Django/Flask/FastAPI and React/Vue/Svelte. You should also love playing at the very edge of innovation as that’s where we are with generative AI at the moment. Is RAG the killer gen AI use case? Is the best UI we can do really just chat? How do we move beyond cool prototypes to production-scale use cases? Apply via or email me with any questions or if you wanted to add a personal note. (Note: we're aware that the footer on this page uses boilerplate copy, it's an issue with our applicant tracking system).