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Frontend Engineer @ Jyve

Location: San Francisco, CA

Job Posted: 3 years, 7 months ago

Jyve is a Series B company building software that powers a scalable, flexible and skilled workforce, addressing retailer and brand needs where and when it matters most. Jyve’s marketplace solution connects brands, retailers and distributors with our network of independent contractors called Jyvers who complete work in-store including stocking, auditing, shopping online orders and assembling products. We are hiring engineers to work on our Platform and Front-end web team. Backend engineers - senior and mid-level (3+ years). Our stack is Django, Django Rest Framework, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), with one-click pushes from all repos and high unit test coverage. Frontend engineers - senior and mid-level (3+ years). We use React and lots of Figma. I am the CTO and cofounder of the company and longtime (10+ years) HN reader. Feel free to reach me directly at sam (at) jyve (dot) com if you are interested in learning more. For more information about the company and job postings, visit