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Job Posted: 3 years, 4 months ago

Do you want to build modern software systems at the cutting edge of cancer medicine? We're creating the precision oncologist's computational toolbox: from data pipelines that sift through tumor genomes and filter and visualize mutations, to collaborative knowledge curation (think wikipedia, but for cancer genomics). It’s still the early days for us and there are plenty of high-impact challenges to solve! Prior knowledge of biology is not required, but keenness to learn is. We're a remote-first team with a timezone preference for the Americas. We're hiring for multiple senior positions (Backend, Frontend, Data/ML, Infrastructure/Security). About you: You can comfortably debug across the stack and through system boundaries. You've been around the block and have your ideas about designing for security and performance, leading software projects, and evolving team processes. About us: We have backgrounds in CS, medicine, and bioinformatics but we're primarily a software team and pride ourselves in our craft: We move fast and iterate, but write tests and have a QA protocol. We enable engineers to run with good ideas and ship, but we write design docs for risky projects and run retros after the fact. All our systems have CI/CD and our release cadence is as fast as we can build. Current stack: Python 3 (Django, Flask, numpy, asyncio, pytorch), JS (node, d3, React/Vue), relational DBMSs (MySQL, Postgres, SQLite), docker, AWS, terraform, GitLab CI/CD. Write to us: work [at]