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Mammoth Biosciences

Full Stack Software Engineer @ Mammoth Biosciences

Location: Brisbane, CA

Job Posted: 3 years, 2 months ago

We are a small software team supporting our in-house labratory and research teams as they discover and develop cutting edge CRISPR technology. We are fully on AWS, and most of our tools are React based with a Django backend. We are currently migrating all of our infrastructure to terraform, building out new dev and test environments and expanding our toolbox to support new data collection and analysis problems. On the data science front, we have plans for a number of ETL jobs, providing more optimized data views for our users and applications. In the future we hope to build some more advanced workflows to glean insights from the extensive datasets we are collecting. Given our size, we are looking for people with a broad range of skills (in both roles). Experience or a background in biology is not required. If you are interested in joining, contact Kyle @ kylem AT and mention HN. Or apply directly using the following links and include something about HN: Full Stack - Data Scientist -