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Pathlight, Inc.

Senior Full-stack Engineers @ Pathlight, Inc.

Location: Remote US/Canada, Onsite San Francisco/Toronto

Job Posted: 3 years, 2 months ago

Pathlight's goal can be simply stated as putting a world-class manager into everyone's pocket. Managing teams of people is a hard job and software should be here to help, but for most modern teams, a combination of spreadsheets and dozens of browser tabs full of charts and tables is still the de-facto solution. Pathlight aims to replace this archaic system of metric management with one that is centralized, made real-time and transparent to all. The same set of tools we set out to be build specifically for managers is now proving useful at all levels of the organization. Especially so for the underserved frontline, who is ultimately the most capable of improving one's performance. We've recently closed our Series B and are growing at a very fast pace. This is a rare opportunity to join a small team of exceptionally talented engineers on a team with vast amounts of green field, where you're able to play an influential role in the growth and success of a category creating product. We are hiring for multiple positions.