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Engineers of all experience levels @ QuotaPath

Location: Philadelphia, PA, Austin, TX

Job Posted: 2 years, 11 months ago

Sales compensation plans can be shockingly complex. Too often, salespeople are forced to use unfriendly accounting software or to pass around buggy Excel spreadsheets. At QuotaPath, we’re solving this problem in a new way by creating a platform that’s built for salespeople, not accountants or executives. Onboarding to QuotaPath doesn't involve writing any code or any formulas. Good UX and beautiful design are at the core of our process. The demand for a product like this is intense and we’re working as hard as we can to deliver features to eager users. We’re looking for engineers to help us accelerate our development. If you’re interested in having a big impact on a small team, this is a great opportunity. At present, we’re 29 people, including 7 engineers. We just raised a series A and we have a lot of runway and even more market opportunity. Our stack is Python + Django on the backend, TypeScript + React on the frontend, but we’re more interested in working with people who are smart and capable than people from any particular background. If you have strong opinions about using different tech, we’ll hear you. Like most startups, we’re built on lots of open source tech and we plan on giving back. We value building a culture of inclusion and transparency. We care about diversity and hope you do too. I'm the co-founder and CTO, and you can email me directly at eric at quotapath dot com — mention that you're coming from HN :)