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Perfect Recall

Full Stack Engineer (first hire) @ Perfect Recall

Location: Waterloo

Job Posted: 2 years, 10 months ago

We let you share key highlights from your Zoom calls, replacing written notes. Our software records and transcribes Zoom calls. Users can then highlight transcript text to create short, consumable clips. We’re making our first engineer hire. You'll have a major role in developing the core product and creating the culture of our engineering team. You'll be working closely with the founders. You'll have full ownership over major features - frontend and backend, from prototype to production. Our frontend is written in React, with Typescript. Our backend is Django and Celery deployed with Terraform on AWS. We use Postgres and Redis. Experience with our stack is not necessary. Engineering problems we’re solving: Recording Zoom calls at scale, producing dynamic media at near-real time performance. Video calls today are an inferior substitute to in-person interactions; low-resolution, high-latency, and without additional capabilities. We believe that the potentials of video as a communications medium have just barely been explored, just as the first movies were essentially recorded stage-plays. We see a future where video calls are more productive than face-to-face, because of the value the intervening software delivers. In terms of our company culture, we believe that raw hours make a difference. Working too many hours doesn't guarantee success, but working too few leads to failure. We expect everyone to put in their best effort every day, but we generally don't expect you to work late evenings or on weekends. We are careful to avoid burnout, but we also don't want to sugarcoat the fact that raw hours can make a huge difference in a startup. If what we’re doing sounds interesting, apply below or email