A Jack of all trades with a focus on Django


As backend engineer, I have built, deployed, and maintained four web applications using FastAPI and React, with some projects also utilizing Elasticsearch. When I write code I focus on automation, ease of understanding, and performance. I love learning new things and deepening my knowledge. I am a team player who can also work independently and brings a positive attitude to every project.

Work Experience

Guy Carpenter - Backend Engineer Oct 2019 - Present

  • Led a team effort to fix a broken app, minimizing downtime for users.
  • Coordinated with data scientists and analysts to create a set of validations rules for the datalake file upload tool, resulting in more accurate insights and improved decision-making.
  • Worked closely with designers to create an intuitive user interface for the internal affiliation service.
  • Implemented Elasticsearch to enable fast and accurate search results, improving user satisfaction.
  • Worked with the IT team to develop a standardized CI/CD pipeline for all environment (dev, qc, prod) with Github Workflows. To drastically reduce time takes to deploy in any environment.
  • Built a solution from scratch to generate and upload 10k+ PDF reports to SharePoint using PySpark and Databricks, stored in Azure Data Lake and updated via a Logic App.
  • Tech Used: Python, React, SQL, Docker, K8S, PySpark, FastAPI, Elasticsearch, Helm

Built with Django - Founder Website / Code Dec 2019 - Present

  • Django powered site to help people learn Django and showcase their work, and find work.
  • Built from scratch, hosted on Ubuntu Server with NGINX and gunicorn.
  • Tech Used: Django, Typesense, Gunicorn, StimulusJS, SQLite, DRF

Aquapark Budva - Data Science Intern May 2018 - Sep 2018

  • Worked with a Senior Analyst to analyze historical ticket prices and attendance data to optimize ticket prices and working hours.
  • Created a simple Flask website for marketing purposes deployed to AWS.
  • Tech Used: Python, Pandas, PyTest, Flask, matplotlib, HTML, Javascript, SQL, AWS

Deloitte - Data Science Intern Jan 2018 - Jul 2018

  • Collaborated with the team of actuaries to build Linear Regression models, using injury and death probabilities to predict future losses for insurance firms and banks.
  • Wrote documentation for the data cleaning and modelling processes that is now used to train interns.
  • Tech Used: Python, Excel, Scikit-learn, matplotlib

Boston Consulting Group - Data Analyst Jan 2017 - Jul 2017

  • Wrote a Python script to fully automate an Excel investment report production.
  • Learnt to use Oracle and SAP database management tools to manage projects tracking.
  • Tech Used: Python, Oracle, Excel, SAP